Board Elections
Every year in April you, EYP Belarus members, elect a new Board − the people who choose the strategy and shape the way EYP Belarus develops.
Sometimes it can be hard to choose them. You may not know who they are, what the Board does and how elections work. This page is here to help you clear out all uncertainties and make a well-thought choice to shape the future of EYP Belarus.
Board of 2021/2022
These people are working on EYP development in Belarus. They find partners, make sure sessions happen and cooperate with schools. More about the Board and its roles
Darya Skorokhod
Andrei Isachanka
Vice President on Finance
Valeria Kozich
Project Coordinator
Marharyta Vorykhava
National Safe Person (independent of the Board)
Timeline of the Board elections 2021
March 29
The call for EYP Belarus President opens.
April 8-10
Candidates for President are announced and the voting for President takes place
April 10
The new President of the Board is announced
Darya Skorokhod was elected as the President of EYP Belarus
The call for Vice-presidents, Project coordinator and Auditor is on
President's vision (PDF)
Description of all Board roles (PDF)
Candidates for all positions are announced and the online voting takes place
April 28
The new Vice-presidents, Project coordinator and Auditor as well as the National Safe Person who is chosen by the previous Board are announced
April 29
General Assembly — annual member's meeting where new Board members present themselves and participants vote for Charter changes.
Elections 2021
Elections were held during April 2020, with two rounds of voting. First, EYP Belarus members voted for new President. After that a call for Board roles was open, and members voted for candidates.

See PDFs here:
Presidential Candidates' Manifesto
Board Candidates' Manifesto
Board Elections Report
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