Get to know how to join us, how to get Membership and what it gives you
How to get to know EYP
We have accounts in Facebook, Instagram, VK and Telegram. Also, we have Newsletter with all the news every 2 weeks (check the bottom of the page)
Read 'About EYP' pages. If you want more, go to our list of useful links (Facebook, VK) and check them out, it would be very useful!
Contact the Board
If you still have any questions, contact any of the Board members any time. We are always happy to help you :)
Participate in the event
You can either apply for a session or come to one of our small-scale events. Check 'Events' page and check social networks to not miss an opportunity!
How to get Membership
Apply for a session
It might be a Belarusian one. If you want to participate in the session abroad, contact Vice-President on HR (currently Arina Kolesova)
Participate in two events
It has to be at least 1 EYP session and one event in Belarus or abroad, including trainings and entertainment events
Apply for a Membership
When you fit the requirements contact Vice-President on HR (currently Arina Kolesova) to get Membership. Welcome to our family!
Member's rights
By having a Membership a person gain four rights:
To elect and to be elected
In the Board of EYP Belarus
To participate at
General Assembly
Our annuall event where the new Board after elections is presented and changes to Charter are put to the vote
Give their proxy vote to other members
If a member can't participate in the GA
Represent us as part
of a delegation
In events organised by other NCs, International Office or Governing Body of the EYP
Subscribe to our newsletter
Every 2 weeks we share the news and plans of our organisation, tell you about upcoming EYP opportunities you can apply to. Everything just in one message!
Contact us
Feel free to write at any time. We are always happy to answer your questions
Minsk, Belarus