European Youth Parliament
EYP is a non-profit, non-partisan educational programme for young people from all over Europe. We simulate the sessions of the European Parliament in a non-formal way.
Our methods are based on non-formal education and peer-to-peer learning. We facilitates the learning of crucial social and professional skills and encourages independent thinking and socio-political initiative.

EYP is present in 40 European countries with about 35000 participants − this is the largest European platform for education, debates and exchange for ideas among youth. EYP Belarus is part of an international network, organising events since 2000. The Schwarzkopf Foundation is the international umbrella organisation of the EYP.

The European Youth Parliament is carried by young people, for young people, in a voluntary capacity and has no political mandate. We expect our participants to take initiative in the EYP and make an active contribution to it. We also acknowledge the different strengths our volunteers have and seek to make use of all of them. For us, leadership is not about the few but the many, with everybody doing their share in shaping and reaching common objectives.

EYP Belarus Charter (PDF)
Our activities
These are our main events. We have 2-3 sessions in Belarus including National Session in Minsk every year. Each is a 3-7 day simulation of the European Parliament's work where delegates in groups discuss solutions to a current European problem. Every session includes teambuilding, committee work and a General Assembly where delegates present and debate their resolutions. Anyone aged 14-23 can join our sessions as a delegate. We also send Belarusians to sessions abroad.
Training events
We hold one-day trainings for the people involved in EYP Belarus where we help them improve academic knowledge about the European Union, teach how to write better applications, and much more. The trainings mainly aim at active EYPers, yet anyone can join.
EYP presentations
For newcomers we have different events that usually last for a couple of hours where we introduce our organisation and activities. We also organise EYP presentations in Belarusian regions to have a better diversity of members. Joining one of those is a great chance to get involved.
Entertaining activities
We are young and we love to have fun! We organise small events like movienights, fuckup nights, and much more for out members to get to know each other better. We are always open for new ideas and types of events!
Board of EYP Belarus
These people are working on EYP development in Belarus. They find partners, make sure sessions happen and cooperate with schools. More about the Board
Darya Skorokhod
Andrei Isachanka
Vice President on Finance
Valeria Kozich
Project Coordinator
Marharyta Vorykhava
National Safe Person (independent of the Board)
Our aims
To inspire and empower
young Belarusians to become open-minded, tolerant and active citizens.
To raise awareness
of European issues, encourage active citizenship.
To promote
international understanding, intercultural dialogue and diversity.
To contribute
to the personal skills development
of the youth.
Our values
European Youth Parliament is an educational project with no political affiliation.
We discuss our decision with EYP Belarus members and develop transparency of our work.
We always welcome people from different backgrounds and work to involve them in our work.
We actively participate in international structures of EYP and cooperate with other NCs to make our organisation better.
We value every opinion and don't judge it. We are always open for people with different views.
Intercultural understanding
We believe in the benefits of intercultural dialogue which develops understanding between people and tolerance.
Our partners
If you are interested in partnership, please feel free to write us. We are always happy to find new friends!
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Feel free to write at any time. We are always happy to answer your questions
Minsk, Belarus